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Don't Worry Be Happy

Don’t Worry Be Happy

“And do not be worried, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and your stronghold”

Nehemiah 8:10 AMP

Love Letter from God

Beautiful One,

I love to give to you the treasures from my heart. I give you love, power and a sound mind. This love takes you to places you have only imagined you would go. This power gives you the ability to do the things you only dreamt you could do and this sound mind gives you my grace to create the life you've always wanted. You have my love, power and sound mind to flow in my joy.

This joy is supernatural, it is present even in the perceived bad times, this joy can be activated and intentionally embraced. Sometimes you can activate it by using internal stimuli, like your thoughts, feelings and mental movies you've created. Other ways are doing the things that make your heart smile.

The enemy however gives you fear, jealousy, hate, and death. Nothing that is from him will bring you to an abundant life but a depleted life of sorrow and hardship. So I beseech you, my child, to give back anything the enemy has given you and take only what I give you, because what comes from me will make you joyful.

So today do something that makes you smile, laugh, playful and happy. Because when you are stressed all of the time it indicates that you are in a stronghold. Live free in me. Because who my Son sets free is free indeed.

So be free, be happy!


Your heavenly Father


Dear Heavenly Father, help me to not be overwhelmed and heavy with stress. Teach me to be like the little children, playful, happy and free. Therefore today I lay all my heavy burdens at your altar and I embrace your joy. Because your joy is my strength, In Jesus name, amen.

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