• Jacquelyn Rivers

Miracles or Magic

“Pharaoh's magicians tried to do the same thing with their secret arts, but this time they failed” Exodus 8:18

Love Letter from God

Beautiful One,

I am the God of miracles, signs and wonders, yet man-made and devil conspired illusions to happiness have kept my children from truly experiencing the power of my hand in their lives. I have miracles that I have waiting for them to experience in and around their lives however depending on magic has caused them to unknowingly be entrapped in bondage.

You may not actively practice witchcraft and dabble in the dark arts, however depending on magic can be subtle. It’s attempting to solve your problems without me, by using practices that presume the ability to manipulate laws for your benefit. These practices include seeking answers from astrology, horoscope readings, sage, medication, incantations, crystals, water, alchemy, chants, sorcery, rituals, spirit meditations, palm readings, and man.

Yes man when you seek answers from your parent, spouse, pastor, prophet, doctor, boss or friends you place dependency on man and not on me. That my child is practicing magic. However like the pharaoh's magicians, the things they do for you may work at first, however soon their magic will fail.

I want you to be aware of the differences between miracles and magic so that you will not be prey to the enemy's devices. While magic is temporary, miracles are everlasting and will satisfy your spirit, mind and body. Magic causes torment, while miracles will always bring you joy.

When you engage or depend on magic it will bring a false feeling of comfort, however it leaves you longing for more, and creates an addiction for your soul that creates an unquenchable craving that drags you deeper into spiritual strongholds.

When you evoke my miracles into your life and don't depend on magical practices, the miracles will not only satisfy your needs, they will draw you closer to me and bath you in my peace. It is my desire that miracles, signs and wonders follow you all the days of your life.


Your heavenly Father


Dear Heavenly Father, I let go of any activity that is void of your prences when I am seeking answers to my prayers. I will not get impatient, but I will stay in a dependent and expecting posture that my miracle is on the way, In Jesus name, amen.

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