God makes everything beautiful in his time

 Ecclesiastes 3:11

...and your time is now

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we specialize in making the broken beautiful again.

From our "Beautiful Moment" devotionals and bible studies to our sisterhood meet-ups and world travel retreats of prayer and fasting, BEAUTIFUL HER is here to challenge you to step into your power and authority and become unappoligetic and at liberty to what God has called you to do.

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Every beautiful lady needs her heels, pearls, signature perfume, bible and date with Jesus!


Each week read a new blog post that will turn all your cant's into cans and your dreams into plans

Dare to be The Beautiful Her God envisioned for you to be!

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Ascend to the highest level of expression of who you are in Christ Jesus. It is time to take the lid off of your God given purpose, potential, and power.

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Travel Polaroids


Grab your dreams and pack your passion as you join your sisterhood on restorative retreats around the world.  Travel with us!

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Young Women

Join the Global Community Of Christian Women Who Love Jesus, And Are No Longer Hiding Their God Given Beauty & Brains From The World! 

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 Jacquelyn Rivers

Hello Beautiful! I’m Jacquelyn Rivers, the entrusted one by God of Beautiful Her, a place where Christian women come together for prayer, fasting, the prophetic and teachings of the revelatory word of God.  As your sister I want to be apart of your journey to help you ascend to higher dimensions of who you are. With the leading of God you will arise to become a global change agent, a gap filler and the solution to world problems.


With elegance and excellence let's go change the world! 


Beautiful Her


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